Saturday, November 14, 2009

Good news or Bad news?

Lately, Ron starts every phone conversation with "Do you want the good news, or the bad news?" Which means one problem is solved, and two have appeared! Yes, we were to be hauled out on Friday; it was all arranged for us by Martek, who were coordinating the replacement of the underwater lights. It was supposed to be simple and straightforward. wasn't. (Are you surprised??) Ron and our buddy Kerry got to the haul-out facility, and after waiting for an eternity for the boatyard to be ready, the tide had fallen and was now too low for Equinox to get into the extremely small and tight haul-out slip. It was also windy...and it didn't instill confidence in the boatyard guys when one of them told Ron that "If your boat is being blown sideways, just have your friend stick his foot out and fend off" the metal framework of the haul-out slip. Ron and Kerry looked incredulously at each other, each thinking, "Oh yeah, sure!!" (Sorry, NEVER going to EVEN be attempted! No human will ever win against a 50-ton vessel!) It did not bode well, shall we say?? And, predictably, yes, it was a fiasco in every way, including the fact that they insisted on Ron trying to squeeze Equinox into the too-shallow and very tight slip. The boat yard couldn't get the sling arms low enough to allow the stabilizers to clear, so Ron refused to bring Equinox any farther in. Unfortunately, it was not before the boat yard guys managed to drag the metal sling arms against Equinox in the process....with damage. Oh, thanks.

Needless to say, we did not get a haul-out on Friday. Martek stepped up and re-scheduled the haul-out at a marina that definitely had the capability for a boat of our size, but unfortunately farther away, up in Ft. Pierce, a good 3-hour trip. Ron and our friend Paul (newly arrived from NY) were up and about early Saturday morning as a result, getting Equinox to to the haul-out facility by 10:00. you want the good news or the bad news?

Good news: Equinox was there early and out of the water on time, and one of the Martek guys was there as well. Bad news: was the underwater lights guy there to do the work?? NO!! Such a smart way to do business: make an appointment and fail to show up on time. The worse news was that the boat yard needed to do another haul-out at 11:30, and would be closing at noon!! Which meant the WORST news was that if the work wasn't completed on Equinox before 11:30, she would have to be blocked and stay on the hard until next Tuesday, which is earliest that the boatyard can splash her back in! Oh yes, Murphy was having a field day!!

You guessed it. The boat is blocked and now on the hard. However, good news: the lights are supposedly fixed, replaced and tightened properly this time, and will be touched up with appropriate bottom paint. Plus, the scratches from the other haul-out fiasco will be repaired as well. But, bad news: with the boat out of the water and no place to stay, Ron and Paul were now effectively stranded in Ft. Pierce. But, good news: being the resourceful and fit fellows that they are, they took our road bikes off the boat and spun the easy 24 miles back to Jensen Beach. They enjoyed the ride, and it was a great respite from all the bad news!

Fortunately, the condo was getting some furniture delivered today, so Ron was hoping the den couch (and fold-out bed) would be one of the items installed. guessed it. Bad news: no couch, thus no bed...big problem!! As of this posting, Karyn has no idea where Ron and Paul are spending the night. I want the good news or the bad news?

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