Thursday, November 19, 2009

Never again...

...nope, never again will we move. It was a brutal day yesterday, frustrating and very physical. We were up bright and early awaiting the movers (who were already a day late) and when I called to inquire as to where the truck might be, I was told they were "two hours away". But after waiting, no truck! I called again at 9:00, only to be told they were "two hours away" -- What? After some persistence on my part, the inane dispatcher admitted that the truck had broken down, and they were waiting for the mechanic, about 2 hours away!! I pointed out, that if the truck wasn't moving, it didn't matter where they were, it was going to be longer than two hours!! AUGH!! Frustration!!

The truck finally arrived just shy of 1:00 pm, and we went to town emptying the truck, directing the traffic of boxes and bed parts up into the condo. I don't know how many times I went up and down the stairs...thankfully our condo is right at the top of the stairs, and not on the third floor! Nevertheless, we had WAY more stuff moved down than intended...the Maryland movers had packed up a closet or two of items that we hadn't intended to bring. (Karyn had done her best, but clearly hadn't been everywhere at once trying to direct traffic there) and many of the boxes the movers had packed were unmarked, so we had to open them to figure it out what was in them!! We also brought furniture for the entryway areas, only to be told late in the evening that it wasn't allowed. (Although other folks from other units have done it, which is why we thought we could.) Again, just more frustration!!

In any event...Ron and I worked hours straight, and were up late, but we unpacked a ton of boxes!! We need to get everything put away and out of the way of the painters and decorators who will be in next week (not to mention the shutter company, who will be installing the plantation shutters today!). We banged out all the kitchen items, multiple sets of china, wine glasses (how many do we have??!?) as well as some artwork, and will be tackling the bedrooms and closets tomorrow. By the time we finished, though, we both felt like someone had stuffed socks in our mouths and thrown us down the stairs...repeatedly!! OUCH!! Hopefully it will go smoothly tomorrow so we can get things stored and out of the way for everyone, and then we can head over to West End!!

The weather window seems to be improving a bit, as winds are clocking more to the east, and remain at 2-4' which is doable for us. SO...we will do what we can today in the condo and reassess the weather afterwards. But, if all goes well, we will be heading out late tonight to take advantage of the high tide and be crossing to Old Bahama Bay in West End tomorrow!! Wish us a bon voyage!!

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