Wednesday, November 11, 2009

High winds and high speed!

Apologies for not writing for a few days, but we've split forces this week in order to cover a lot of ground, and as a result, we've been going in different directions at a high rate of speed! But... all productive, so all good!! It's actually been a good time to get things done, since the weather has been uncooperative, with gusty winds of 25-30 kts pinning us to the dock -- remnants of tropical storm Ida that is now moving up the east coast. High winds, high speed...can we move on, please? We're ready!

Karyn Flew to Maryland Sunday evening with Ally, so has been in Maryland, packing up the last of the household items and artwork to send to Florida, while Ron remained in Florida getting the boat maintenance items dealt with. Unfortunately, I think Ron has had the harder end of the deal, since it always seems like when we get one thing fixed, two different things mysteriously stop working! ("Why is that, Captain Ron?") Hmmm...! In any event, while Ron has been making some progress with the systems,(gotta LOVE Kadey-Krogen, Nuvair and Spectra for their customer service! Fabulous!) Karyn has been dealing with packing tape, bubble wrap, paper cuts, and boxes, boxes and more boxes! Yet, somehow, despite all the purging and donating and purging and donating, we STILL have so much stuff. (To quote Jimmy Buffett: we've "got too much stuff!"). Scary! But the movers were quick and competent and packed the truck with a minimum of fuss. Best of all, it wasn't raining!! (Murphy's Law, right?) But no, we had a cool overcast Maryland day, and things progressed nicely. But, now I'm wondering how all the stuff we are shipping is EVER going to fit into the FL condo...?!? Thank goodness we have lots of storage there, but...guess what? Fun times never cease as Karyn gets to fly back to FL next Monday to deal with the arrival of said stuff, while Ron is heading to West End and happiness. Oh, to be in the Bahamas! :)

In any event...things will get dealt with, more stuff will get donated, and we will sail off with a greatly lightened load within a few days!! I already feel better about things! Outrigger Harbour has been a godsend in that we can lock up and go, with maintenance taken care of and lovely folks keeping an eye on things while we're cruising. LOVE IT!

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