Friday, November 20, 2009

Hard work in exotic places...

Equinox the morning after our arrival, sitting pretty in slip S-7

A variation of the theme of repairing things in exotic places, but still applicable! While we are here aboard Equinox in Old Bahama Bay, enjoying a gloriously lovely Caribbean day, we have to pinch lucky we are!! Yet, we are not just sitting about sipping lattes on the back deck...we still have our work to do!! For instance, after the crossing last night -- no matter how calm it was -- we still had to wash the salt off and keep corrosion at bay! So that was this morning's job: we washed the boat, from stem to stern, top to bottom (or nearly so, whatever part was out of the water!). In fact, the good news about retirement is that Ron now has time to do all these things that we previously paid people to do, like wash the boat. The bad news, is now we have time to do all these things!! It takes us about 3 hours, working in tandem, to get the boat rinsed, washed, rinsed and dried...definitely not an easy task! About halfway through, you're ready to pay for someone else to do it for you again!!

But...gotta admit, the view was gorgeous: palm trees and turquoise waters, warm sunshine and cheerful folks all stopping by the boat to welcome us back! It's lovely!! SO...we rinsed, washed, rinsed and dried, and enjoyed ourselves because we could. Just wish I was an inch taller, so that wiping off the underside of the pilothouse overhang would be easier! The new hard top makes it so much easier to clean the equipment on the mast and on the pilothouse, though, so that helps somewhat.

After a lunch on the back deck (ok, so we do lounge on the back deck, what can I say?) we pulled out the scuba gear and folding bikes, as well as the lobster spears and snorkels for some afternoon fun. We ended up just lobstering, unfortunately without success....I believe our "secret" spots for lobster are not so secret and were recently harvested, since the pantry was bare! Oh well...should have bought some from the lobster man when he went by earlier!

Ally will join us tomorrow and we're excited about her joining us! Then, later in the week, we have family and friends flying (and hopefully boating) in for a big Thanksgiving feast. Looking forward to it!

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