Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back to a following sea!

We spent an uncomfortable night bouncing, rocketing and rolling our way to Cape Hatteras, watching an amazing array of squalls pop up all around us. Nary a raindrop came to give us a free wash-down though, to Ron's disappointment (and my relief -- who needs to be in a squall off Cape FEAR, for pete's sake??). Of course, bad weather and rough conditions always seem magnified at night, although I'm sure we were far more comfortable in our Kadey-Krogen than the poor sailing vessel we had for our sole company out there. Even when we rolled 30 degrees (which DOES get one's attention), at least we weren't on an angle the entire time like the sailors had to be. We were delighted that we'd taken down the bimini top and secured everything so well with the rolling, rollicking ride.

Once around Hatteras, a smooth following sea (WHAT a difference a course adjustment makes!!) was lovely. Unfortunately, with dawn came FOG as thick as I'd ever seen it -- you could barely see beyond the bow. Literally, just a few yards of visibility was all we had, but having the radars on and running (one set in close, one set out a bit farther) and using the chart overlay feature was great.

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