Monday, March 16, 2009

Dive Time

Well, turns out that the queasiness of the crossing on Sunday was not due to the conditions, as Ally spiked a fever yesterday and apparently has been dealing with a bout of the flu/nasty UR viral bug ever since arrival in the Bahamas. Fever, chills, ear aches, head congestion and general achiness abound, so we've tried to ease her pain with rest, and lots of sunshine. Stuffing her full of lobster, tuna and conch as well, but in reality, she's eating very little. We hope it's a temporary bug and will leave her as soon as possible! Poor kid!

While Ally rested and Claire took care of her, Ron and Karyn explored in the dinghy and made two dives off the north shore. The sea was made up of those incredible, unbelievable, surreal shades of Bimini blue from palest periwinkle to aquamarine to cobalt...Gorgeous! Calm conditions, so we explored the Caverns, a dive site at 70-80', then went over to the shallow site of the infamous Bimini Road to Atlantis (kind of stonehedge-like paving stone formations on the ocean floor) then later did a shallow whuffo site but with LOTS of fish, from a good sized stone crab, scorpionfish, cowfish, scrawled filefish and many, many pairs of angel fish, both queen and French. The schooling yellowtail grunts and chubs were amazing in their number. Did see a trio of lionfish on the first dive....they are everywhere, unfortunately. (Alien invaders from the Pacific). We may head to Cat Cay tomorrow weather permitting, but right now...enjoying the glow from a (mostly) great day.

We won't dwell on the fact that Ron's wallet went AWOL ---unfortunately most likely overboard---- after stopping to refuel the dingy at the gas dock. Since he didn't get out of the dink and Karyn did, it couldn't have gone anywhere else but into the water...and he realized it was missing when we arrived back at the boat, after a long, fast dinghy ride from the gas dock. Not so much fun there! Oh well. We'll just take the good with the bad. It happens!

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