Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Road to Atlantis...

Alicetown on North Bimini

....or, the BIMINI ROAD!! Today Equinox lumped along in quartering 3-5' seas and made it to Bimini Bay Resort in Bimini, The Bahamas. Truly a lovely day, with sunshine and light winds, but an uncomfortable southeasterly swell to the waves made everyone (even Karyn!) a bit queasy. (Perhaps also due to the celebratory late night the evening before, hmm?) Nevertheless, we slipped out of Old Bahama Bay before sunrise and aside from the short choppy pitching of the boat, had great conditions: light winds, SSE 10-15 and mostly clear skies. We had a large pod of dolphins come greet us at one point, but I think Equinox was pitching too much for them to ride the bow wave very comfortably; they didn't stay long. The girls are already ensconced at the pool as Ron and Karyn clean up inside the boat while Oneil, one of the Bimini Bay Resort dockhands, is getting all the salt washed off the boat outside. (Thank you Oneil!!!) The resort looks quite nice and we're looking forward to seeing the changes to the island since the last time we were here, when we did a live-aboard dive trip on the Nekton Pilot in 2003.

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