Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bimini Back to Old Bahama Bay!

We're home, so to speak, back to slip S-7, and how nice it was to hear Kyle's voice (one of the OBB dock hands) on the VHF radio as we lumped our way back into the marina this afternoon! After a perfectly flat calm day of SPECTACULAR diving yesterday off Bimini at the dive sites
"The Caverns" and "The Bimini Wreck" (with 11o visibility!!) we looked at the evening's forecast and knew we had to beat feet back to West End if the girls were to head out as planned next Monday. While it would have been nice to stay and do more diving, the weather gods had other ideas....and the winds started picking up in the night, with rain. The forecast today was for steady rain with seas of 2-4' and east winds 10-15 could have been sort of benign, and as we left Bimini, the seas were flat and we were glad to have made our way home at the right time. But...with an ugly northerly swell with the increasingly choppy waves, we ended up getting tossed fore and aft as we made our way back. Clearing the Great Bahama Bank helped eliminate the chop, so it wasn't terrible, but not comfortable either. We were glad we left when we did, ash the forecast now only predicts the weather to get worse over the next 4-5 days. So, despite a few hours of rolling and pitching, here we are, ensconced back in our "home" slip and loving the Bahamas!! A rainy day of cruising beats a day at work any time!! Plus, the folks here at OBB are what make it truly special; although the facilities in Bimini were new and fabulous, we love being back with our friends here at Old Bahama Bay. The captains and crew of Equinox will sleep well tonight!

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