Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Eagle Rays Escort!

Today was a perfect day of diving...the seas so flat and calm as to be unreal. The big PLUS was that the visibility was so amazing! We could see the sand ripples at the bottom of the ocean at 80'....and the SHARKS that were swimming along the coral formations of the reef. This, FROM THE DINGHY!! In the morning Ron and I did "The Caverns" at 75-80' with Claire Messano aboard the dinghy as crew and sunbather (who spotted the sharks below!) while Ally stayed aboard Equinox to do some SAT prep work. Ally's ears are still too congested to dive, unfortunately...but she did accompany us in the afternoon, when she came with us as crew for our second dive on the "Bimini Wreck" just a mile or so outside of the approach markers to the cut to Alice Town. The old barge is an older wreck, nicely encrusted with corals and sea fans, and immediately upon descent as we checked our anchor setting, Ron and I came across a large Hawksbill turtle who was clearly disgruntled at our disturbing its rest. From there we explored the exterior and interior of the wreck...filled with huge schools of silversides, yellowtail snapper, parrotfish, and wrasses, to a VERY large "VW"-sized grouper that didn't want us crowding him as we shared the interior of the wreck! It was so amazingly CLEAR that at our safety stop at 15' on the anchor line, when we felt a tug on the line we looked up to see Ally looking down at us from the dinghy, and it was like we were looking through a window. No surface ripples, no wave action, just clear as air. Sure wish we had a picture of that!! But we did get a photo of one of the dozens of eagle rays in the channel as we came back to the boat!!

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