Thursday, March 26, 2009

Departure Day!

Well, we're off! It's incredibly sad to be leaving Old Bahama Bay, but we want the boat north and in the Chesapeake for the spring and summer. Ally is ready to be back living aboard, and once the weather in Maryland turns to spring temps, it's glorious there! It will be difficult being without the boat if we don't bring her home this trip. Weather is the deciding factor, though, and while conditions aren't optimal, they are okay and should be fair-to-middling for the next few days.

Thus, we're not sure if we will just cross over to Florida, or head north back to the Chesapeake. We are taking it as the weather dictates; right now the winds are from the east, and are forecast to be 2-4', with larger 4-6' waves in the Gulf Stream. The long-range forecast is for southerly winds, which we want if we are in the Gulf Stream! As long as we have south winds, we'll go for it and head north...!

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