Monday, August 24, 2009

Back In Annapolis...

...en route home yet again. But how lovely not to be on a schedule! While the public schools are back in session today, Ally doesn't have to be back until next week, and it's quiet and glorious to be on the Bay when there's little traffic. During the cruise north from Cambridge, Ally spent the morning working on her college application essay; when Ron and I read it, we felt it really reflects who she is, and is something she can polish up quite nicely. Hard to believe she will be off and boarding at Oldfields within just a week. Where did our little girl go? So grown up now....
We got lucky and found a space on the wall in Ego Alley this afternoon (hardly surprising, it being the Monday when school started here in Maryland public schools, as I said) so after docking, we took a dinghy cruise around the Annapolis area, over to Back Creek and up the Severn. We will be leaving the dinghy here in Annapolis for a fair bit of repair work; not that we abused the boat in Bermuda, but there's a lot to be done between getting the port bow rail re-glassed and the wiring sorted out so that the stereo, bilge pump and GPS work reliably. Ron did his best to work on the wiring while we were in Tucker's Town in July, but the stereo remains a recalcitrant mystery as to why it won't work.

Since we were here in Annapolis, we had to stop in at Mills Fine Wines and re-stock the wine larder a bit; always fun to go in there and sample their recommendations. What's even better is the store to boat curb-side service! Convenience at its best!

Bringing the wine to the boat...

Curbside service!

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