Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Errands and Orders

Well, now that we're home in Baltimore, we've hit the ground running! We had quite a to-do list, and attended to a lot of necessary evils: compiling oil & spares inventories, doing a genset coolant flush, getting the scuba gear off to Aqua Ventures for inspection and servicing, running to the battery store for replacement batteries in our APC unit, going to the bank, taking the used coolant to the recycling center, going to the grocery store, among other errands. The hardest part was tracking down a replacement light bulb for one of our generator gauges -- tiny and definitely special order. There were none to be found at any auto parts store, so an on-line search was needed -- and, thankfully, successful! Funny how the smallest thing is the biggest obstacle!

Ron and I split forces, trying to cover as much ground as possible to get things accomplished. which seemed to work. While Ron and I were running errands, Ally stayed at the marina for the day so she could go to the gym and later, gear up for school, as she worked on her college application essays and summer reading. Needless to say, Ally is happy as a clam to be back with her friends , and of course, has visited with many of them already. Senior year is fast approaching!

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