Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boat Maintenance, Biking & Back with the Girls

Well, we've been without internet service at the Canyon Club the past few days due to quite a severe thunderstorm the other night. (Of course, it occurred just when we needed it most, now that we are back to the States and needing to deal with time-sensitive e-mails and long overdue correspondence!!) SO, sorry for the delay in the updates to the boat blog!

Having arrived late Saturday night, once the boat was tied up, secure and shore power on, we crashed hard... slept 10 hours straight! (Fabulous!) Then, it was up early and to work on Sunday: washing Equinox and getting her back in ship-shape. It took us three sweaty hours in the high heat and humidity just to wash the outside of the boat alone....and then another three getting the interior vacuumed, cleaned and dusted. How can a boat get dusty being at sea??? You would think that things would stay clean, as there's no dirt and dust to blow in, right? Definitely not the case, though, oddly enough! As a reward for all our efforts, we treated ourselves to a decadent surf & turf dinner on the aftdeck that evening. Let me tell you, a real meal was quite welcome after the past days at sea! Ron is ready to write a new diet book, called "The Crossing Diet", guaranteed to make you drop a few pounds: find bad weather well offshore so you can't sleep, can't sleep and in fact, don't even want to look at the galley! It works!! The workout portion follows when you have to clean the boat once you're back in port....

Monday brought more cleaning and boat chores, but we weren't all work and no play, for at the pool, we met some other transient boaters on C pier, Lenore and Scott Norris aboard Sea Watch II, as well as some of their friends. Always fun to meet new folks, as is the case with cruising! We ended up going out to a fabulous dinner with the Norris' at 410 Bank Street in downtown Cape May that evening: delicious gumbo!!

Lenore & Scott on their 24th anniversary
aboard Sea Watch II

Tuesday morning saw a few happy changes, most notably, as Ally came back aboard along with her friend Claire! Ally had flown back from Bermuda to Maryland on the 5th, not wanting to make the ocean crossing with us, (clearly a smart move on her part) so has been busy visiting girlfriends, spending time aboard Clairebuoyant with the Messanos and now is back aboard Equinox with us. We missed her, and are happy to have them back aboard! Yesterday we also had Ally's friend Becca aboard; she's been staying at Dewey Beach for the summer with her family, so hopped aboard the Lewes - Cape May ferry and joined us for a bit. It was nice to have the girls aboard!

Becca, Claire, Ally & Karyn before dinner at Fresco's

While the girls hit the beach or pool, Ron and I enjoyed a few road bike rides, doing loops through the Cape May countryside of 20-, 30- and 30- miles each the past three days. Yesterday's ride was not as pleasant, as Ron had some bike issues; after much fussing and adjusting of the derailer gears, we discovered his chain had a frozen link, which was skipping and slipping on the chain rings. SO...thankfully an easy fix, despite the frustration it caused!

Ron busy dealing with his recalcitrant chain

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