Friday, October 16, 2009

Waiting on the weather...

SO... after what felt like eons away from the boat, we're back in Maryland!! Just in time for Fall Family weekend at Oldfields, so despite the lack of sleep and enduring a bit of jet lag, Karyn had a great day with Ally, going to classes and enjoying the Performing Arts assembly with the other OS parents. Apparently, we dragged the bad weather back with us from California, as the east coast is now being deluged with rain, complete with flood advisories and nor'easters in the forecast. Yuck! I feel bad that the Annapolis Power Boat Show is having to deal with this weather....not good for business! Nevertheless, rain or shine, we hope to scoot over to the show tomorrow or Sunday ourselves...gotta get a peek at the new Kadey-Krogen 55'!

Beyond the boat show, the next week is lining up to be a busy one. While we didn't want to complicate our lives, here we are, simultaneously trying to get stuff sorted/given away in MD in preparation to moving the (thankfully) few remaining items to Florida while provisioning and prepping Equinox to head south to Florida and thence the Bahamas. ARGH! Way too many balls in the air at the same time! The weather has delayed the installation of the hardtop, so we have a bit of a reprieve in the packing timetable, but frankly, I'd rather be aboard and underway. Enough of all these land-based domestic issues! :)

So... the juggling continues!! We completed our "mail-away" closing on the FL condo and met with a MD realtor today, with an eye on listing the house in the spring when it's particularly pretty in Maryland. Good news: he's very bullish on the house -- great house, great lot, great neighborhood -- and hinted he might want to show the house sooner than later. We're not sure we want to list it right away, as the potential timing of it all poses some latent logistical problems with Ally in her senior year of high school. Her transition to land as a 5-day boarder was tough at times, and as that smoothes out, we don't want to cause more waves and have her feeling too unsettled during her senior year.

Plus, it's tough enough as it is with SATs, ACTs and college apps looming large. (That being said, Ally submitted her first application to --- College of Charleston! It's exciting to see her selecting colleges and diligently working on her applications... the world is her oyster!) We're simply remaining positive, appreciating her cheerful attitude and all the hard work she is doing in school while looking ahead for her to meet us aboard in the Bahamas for Thanksgiving and winter break. She won't fly down every weekend, obviously -- the perils of trying to cruise before all lines are cast off, I guess!! But it isn't the first time that we simply are going with the serendipity of the moment... things always seem to work out, in ways we never could predict! Here's hoping for good weather, good timing and good luck!

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