Monday, October 12, 2009

Sonoma Coast and US 1

Talk about a fabulous ending for a great weekend of riding!! We'd enjoyed a wonderful dinner the night before at the Village Inn (some of us going to The Pink post-dinner, Ron and I enjoying The Stick instead....!!) so those who remained in the morning to bike were gathering their courage for the last few hills ahead.

It was GLORIOUS!! Despite the forecast for wind and rain, it never materialized, and the seven of of that remained on the tour swooped and climbed and gawked and stopped for amazing photos of the Pacific coast in all its October glory. As we left the Russian River delta, crossing one of the bridges to the ocean, we saw a group of river otters playing with a harbour seal....totally frolicking and enjoying the moment. Very cool!

The group of river otters heading downstream

From there it was stunning ocean scenery with swells crashing on the rocky shoreline and literally mesmerizing you. The best part was the road, which was smooth and lovely, allowing you to ride hard down into the hair-pin turns and use your momentum to pull up the other side. We swooped and pulled all the way to the Tides, a great restaurant on Bodega Bay, where we replenished on their hot clam chowder and smoked salmon!

A bit rough out there!

More amazing coastal scenery!

Ron and I wrapped up the day a few miles shy of Occidental with visions of "Cedar Aromatherapy" Spa Baths in our heads, but alas...the spa was booked, so we opted to head south to get a jump on the traffic. We wrapped up our biking time for the week with 155 miles (including those over in Sonoma-Napa) so don't feel like we shirked too badly! We were on the road to Santa Cruz by 1:30 but in doing so, probably missed one last outing to the The Pink with the rest of the crew! For those whom we didn't have a chance to say proper good-byes to: Please know we had a blast riding with you and would LOVE to see you again, sometime, in the future! You are always welcome aboard Equinox!!

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