Friday, October 2, 2009

Lightening the load!!

Yes, we've truly cleaned house this week. Thursday morning the dumpster guy came and almost didn't take the dumpster because it was SO full of discard items and junk. It was filled to the brim and beyond, and when the guy weighed it, it was overweight by 1.5 tons!!! The dumpster was rated for 3 tons, and the guy said it weighed 4.5 tons...can you believe it?? Talk about lightening the load!! And that's NOT counting the other 2 trucks that came Wednesday and hauled away some of the junk (apparently whatever they thought they could scavenge or salvage). Ron was surprised that the house didn't spring off its foundation, with all that weight gone!

So, once the dumpster was able to leave, we spent the last couple of days boxing up items from all over the house, from the kitchen to the den, that we will move to the new condo. It took a lot longer than we hoped, but we got a lot accomplished...but we didn't get a chance to ride, which I regret. We're in California next week, primarily to visit with Ron's stepbrother, but following that we're taking a course from ABT/Trac on the hydraulic stabilizer system for our boat (free to owners and captains!) which will be really useful knowledge. Then, we're treating ourselves to a 3-day wine country bicycle tour in Sonoma Valley, 30-60 miles a day --- hence the need to be riding and ready for the hills! I hope we do all right, but.. I'm feeling very much behind the power curve right now!! In the meantime, we're frantically trying to simultaneously clean out the house AND prep the boat for departure south, both before we head to California. We're juggling so many balls in the air, it's scary. (If they all fall, it will be quite the hailstorm!!) Wish us luck!!

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