Monday, October 19, 2009

Weather issues delay the hard top...

Our hard top, still on the hard...

Ok, the weekend has been a trying one. The weather has been atrocious lately, with monsoon-like downpours ruining the past few days. Even Sunday football was a heartbreak (I won't even mention how I feel about missing field goals!) and when the rain finally stopped Sunday night, it only stopped raining to .... start snowing! I looked out the window in the early am upon awakening and was astonished to see huge, dust-bunny-sized flakes of heavy wet snow falling! Yep, apparently it snowed a good deal of the night, complete with momentary power losses. We had a fair coverng of snow on the yard, the car, the trees, by morning, along with a lot of branches broken and trees down. The result of the rain/snow/weather mess, though, was to delay installation of the new hard-top, which was a disappointment. (Didn't we leave Ron in charge of the weather this week?? He's got to do a better job of things....!)

We were in Annapolis for a few brief hours on Saturday, but we were delayed by our own boat issues (why is the boat always such a mess when there's work being done??) and never got over to the show. :( We really wanted to get over there, too, so that was a severe disappointment. Basically, our weekend ended up being spent in brutal moving mode: we sorted, discarded, packed, hauled, discarded, cleaned, bubble-wrapped, packed and repeated throughout the weekend. On the plus side, the house is now echoing in emptiness, all cabinets and drawers are empty, and we continue to lighten the load! We have Purple Heart coming (again) for many more donations of clothing, household goods and kitchen items, and the Boy Scouts are coming to get all our lovely camping gear. Still, would have been nice to to have been at the boat show...

However, on the good news front, Monday was finally clear, so Ron went down to the boatyard to see the hard top getting fitted on Equinox! It's looking gorgeous!!

The hard top getting lowered by crane aboard Equinox

Almost in place!

Progress! In place, secured and ready to be finished

On an additional note, it's still Fall Family Weekend for Oldfields, and Ally took part in the IAAM B conference tennis tournament this afternoon, playing Number 1 Varsity Singles for OS. She had a lovely match today against a very good player from Friends School (they had some amazing rallies and play, fun to watch!) and after hard work and lots of scramble, Ally won the match, 6-2 6-2, so she will play again tomorrow! We are so delighted for her!!

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