Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Junkanoo and...a Bee Gees Concert!!

Ok, so we've been really busy!! Not to mention that we've had little internet access to blog, so that I've taken advantage of the morning post-party fogginess (yep, admit it) to forgo my blogging a bit. Sorry folks! Perhaps a few photos of the missing days will explain?
Sunrise, Thursday Am...Ron and Karyn walked the beach...
little did we know how long and fabulous a day Thanksgiving would be!

And you all saw the table for 16 that assembled for dinner in the last post...what a fun time! Despite the boat oven being inoperative, we made do with what we had in the glorious house we rented for the day. Friends and family together...it was Thanks giving, truly. :) BUt then...Friday ensued!! The morning was spent returning all the cooking and baking items back to Equinox, and cleaning the house of the detritus of the evening's festivities! Equinox returned to her slip in rather brisk winds (ahem!) but thankfully it was only around the corner from the marina, so it was an easy trip. Old Bahama Bay put on a fabulous lobster and steak feast for us that evening (no cooking by any of us!) along with a small Junkanoo band party. A lot of fun, and no one was injured!! (But could have been from the bikes to the breastnesses!) No further comment on the junaknoo....

AND THEN>>>> there was the BEE GEES CONCERT!! Equinox rocked the socks off the marina with a viewing of "One Night Only: Bee Gees Live In Vegas", shown on our salon TV with open doors for complete viewing from the pier as we all danced and sang the night away. Literally!! (If you haven't seen this video, be shamed!) It is a staple aboard, along with "Captain Ron". Of course!! All of us, including fellows from the neighboring boat, Vixen, partied, danced and sang to the classic tunes. SO...how deep is your love, anyway??

The corner crowd, quietly...

The other corner, getting louder...

Bee Gees in the background!

Al, ringing the bell one more time

Kim singing her heart out....Night Fever!

Nope, none of us had any fun whatsoever...but I lie. It was a blast!! Who knew a Kadey-Krogen could have such a dance floor for their back cockpit?? It was fabulous in all respects! Good times together-- the epitome of cruising! :)

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