Thursday, December 3, 2009

Capt. Ron is now an Admiral!

Yes, it's true....we've acquired a fleet. Yes, we already have the Equinox -- our beloved Kadey-Kroegn 58' that we call home -- and Eclispe, our little abused AB inflatable RIB tender...but did you really think Capt. Ron could move to FL and not get a little center console for himself?? OF COURSE NOT!! So, now we have...Equator! She's a 25' SeaFox center console with twin Honda 150s. Nothing fancy, middle of the road kind of boat, but rigged for diving and fitted to be safely towed behind Equinox when under way. Ron is so excited to have her as a dive platform!! Spacious and safe....he's thrilled!

While Karyn is usually the voice of reason in the background, she couldn't come up with an argument that could compete with Ron's desire for a fishing/diving center from which to stage many new adventures! Small center consoles in Florida are a dime a dozen, so Ron had his fun checking out the many and sundry....and, with the prices being cut-throat, there's always a deal to be had! (Argh!! We be pirates!) Thus...the Rothstein admiralty is now underway!

The other excitement of the day was returning the 52" LED TV that had the defective digital optical cable input in exchange for a 55" LCD TV that worked. Ok, it's bigger...but even better, it was less expensive! Nevertheless, playing Twister again had lost its luster...Karyn had no desire to do it, but we did: twist and turn and contort to unplug and disconnect the myriad of wires from the old TV, get it into the car and hoof it back to the electronics store to find a suitable replacement. (Thankfully, the super-high-tech-gorgeously-crisp LED upgrade of the TV was not in stock, so we didn't spend even more $$....although you know Capt. Ron was sorely tempted!)

Once the new TV was in place, Karyn was left to program and de-bug its compatibility with the Surround Sound system while Ron scampered off to sea-trial the new center console. Thus... not much progress was made on the home front; bathrooms did get a bit more organized, as did laundry room, but Karyn's closet remains a black hole for tomorrow. Really need to have Novella here for a day for the organization!! (Oh wait....she's working with Dede, so she's totally booked. Say no more!!! :) In any event, when --gulp-- if -- the center console boat is ready when we return from the MD house closing, we'll cross over to West End in Equator and rendevous with Equinox. Hopefully....then, we will be in the Bahamas for the winter, all in time to meet up with Ally and her friend Kayleigh for winter break!! Dare we hope?? Wish us luck on that!

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