Friday, December 11, 2009

Chilly Maryland

The weather has been a tad frosty for itself here in Maryland, but at least we escaped the big rains and winter storm that preceeded our arrival. Still, when the car reminds us that the temperature has fallen to 37 degrees, it just feels very cold! But enough's actually quite pretty here with the crisp blue skies and fresh winter sunshine, and it's a great contrast. Although, as Ron walks in and out of the house, moving things to the garage, he keeps muttering under his breath about how "freaking freezing" it is! (Um, yes, gloves would have been smart to bring, but we couldn't find them in the Florida place before we flew back to Maryland!)

Sorry again for the non-cruising news; all Ron and I did was run around and get more stuff accomplished for the upcoming settlement. We got a VIN number affidavit signed for the car, so this February we can get it registered and titled in Florida even though it's still here in Maryland, as Ally is using it for school. Just getting that piece of paper was a bit of a bureaucratic run around: Florida motor vehicles need a law enforcement officer to sign off on the VIN number of a car for registration purposes, so I went to the local police precinct where I was told rather brusquely that "they don't do it". No help whatsoever was offered as to where I might get it signed -- gee, thanks for the courtesy!! Finally another (nicer) officer politely explained that only state troopers could do it. So....I had to drive 15 miles out of my way to get it done. The trooper was very cheerful and nice, even joking about the weather as he stood out in the freezing evening wind without a coat (!) when checking the VIN. Quite professional, and answered all my questions. Thus, mission accomplished towards that of many on the list.

Other than that, we've just been emptying rooms, prepping for friends, neighbors and movers to pick up the furniture that they've chosen to take. It's amazing how much we're lightening the load here...we're feeling extravagantly light and unencumbered, to be honest. Today's task is to rent a truck to ferry the remaining unspoken-for items to Goodwill, and begin the final cleaning of the empty rooms. Lots of memories still flood the place; it's been a great home and wonderful neighborhood for the years we've been here and we'll cherish that. The echoing emptiness of the house makes you realize that the most important things aren't material: we're all healthy, in good spirits and and best of all, we'll be together with Ally this weekend! Life is good!

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