Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A whirlwind week...

...with one more to come! We're pretty well unpacked and down to the last few boxes in the FL house now, although there are about 5 boxes of books and photo albums that we have yet to open. Those are down in our storage room on the garage level....not sure we'll get to them any time soon, as we're heading to Maryland tomorrow to wrap up our house sale, disburse the furniture and remaining items still there, and savor our last few days of Maryland residency. Our Florida residency paperwork is pretty much completed and will be turned in once we sign all the paperwork for the sale of the house; all we'll have to do is change the car registrations and put in a change of address at the post office to finish it all up. Scary to contemplate, but amazing as well...!

As I look at the palm trees under the gorgeous tranquil skies tonight, I needed to pinch myself. Wow, this will be home!! Hard to believe, hard to get used to. I still don't even know what light switches work which lights or ceiling fans! Plus, still getting to know the roads around here, and where they lead! It's kind of fun, but I almost feel like I should be writing directions to myself so that when we're back off the boat in the future, we'll know where to go! Probably should keep directions to the TVs handy, too, as I have no idea what station is on what channel here. Everything's so new!! But, consistently, folks have been incredibly friendly here, from the check-out girl at the supermarket to the numerous folks walking their dogs in the park next door. Must be the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere...there's no stress, and it's lovely!!

Ron, of course, is eager as can be to take delivery of the new boat...he went down to the boat yard today to see how things are progressing with the work with the bottom paint and the installation and back-plating of the tow-eye. After lots of recommendations and some research, Ron found a company called Rope Inc, and got a custom towing rig set up specifically for our needs. It's not inexpensive, but this is something that you do not want to skimp on, for obvious reasons! The towing assembly is made to exacting standards, and the company can and does provide strength certification to insurance companies for the rope and hardware used.
The center console boat itself is really very nice and a great buy; Sea Fox has made strides with its new 2010 models, and after getting input from some knowledgeable guys in the boating industry, we feel very confident we have a solid boat for the money. As we've discovered, we tend to put our tenders through their paces, between diving and lobstering, skiing and watersports, so we wanted something that could take frequent use and inadvertent abuse! Ron is having a windlass put on it as well, along with a good-sized anchor and proper chain and line. He's also getting a nice Garmin chart-plotter along with an Icom VHF for the initial electronics -- perhaps in the spring we'll add radar or an autopilot, but right now, we're just adding the essentials. Even without the extra electronics, we've got a lot of goodies: twin Honda engines, a hard top LED lights and water mister (!), private day head, and lots of rod storage, bait well, etc. All good, all exciting, and we're anxious to use it!

Anyway, sorry that the posts have been infrequent and kind of boring of late...but we're rallying on the domestic land-locked front in an effort to get everything finalized in preparation for the next adventure(s) aboard!

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