Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Rocking with the Gully Roosters!!

We've had a couple of fun days!! Tuesday evening, we took the tender over to New Plymouth, and introduced Nathan and Kayleigh to Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar. Originally, we stopped in to sample the bar's signature Goombay Smash, but were all so ravenous after diving and being out on the water all afternoon, we stayed for dinner. We were served by none other than Miss Violet -- Miss Emily's daughter, who now owns and runs the place -- and we enjoyed a fabulous feast in their rear dining room. Conch bits, grilled grouper, Goombay Lobster, Caesar salad with shrimp, BBQ was absolutely delicious and a lovely time.

And, Wednesday, the sun came out to play, which we all enjoyed!! The girls walked to the beach, then sunned aboard the boat while Ron and Nathan replaced the toggle switch for the macerator in the tender's head. It was all corroded; most likely from electrolysis as it didn't appear to be grounded. Kind of odd, since the boat is brand new!! The winds out of the east were a bit brisk and the waves were breaking pretty good, so we opted not to go out diving, but instead we went out over to the pool for a bit. While the water was icy, the chaise lounges were in the sun and out of the wind, so it was great! Kayleigh was happy to get a little color, as she was feeling a bit pale for herself after being north.

Later in the afternoon, we took the tender out to the reefs south of Green Turtle Cay to try our hand at some snapper fishing. Nathan showed us how to hand-line while we tossed and bounced in the waves, and while a few snappers nibbled at the lines, our more immediate worry became the anchor because after one particularly rough wave, it was evident the anchor wasn't holding. When we pulled it up, we found that one of the flukes had failed; its weld was broken and was wrenched away from the shaft. Clearly not a quality product!!

Ron using the spinner rod

Nathan and the girls before dinner

Then, following a delicious dinner at the Green Turtle Club, we all rocked out to the music of the Gully Roosters!! Knowing that the band plays just about every Wednesday night here at GTC was part of the impetus for us to arrive here by the 23rd, and we couldn't wait to hear them again. Needless to say, a good time was had by Bahamian music, a big crowd, lots of dancing: FUN!! We ran into Brendal, the dive shop owner/operator here on Green Turtle Cay, and had a good time reminiscing about our time with him last winter, and dancing the night away. We were the last to leave the dance floor, as it was just so much fun! The night was clear and gorgeous, so we all did a bit of star-gazing before heading back to the boat. A perfect night!
The Gully Roosters setting up shop under the tree

Some of the crowd, dancing

Nathan and Karyn on the dance floor

After dancing the night away

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