Thursday, December 24, 2009

A quiet day....

....spent recovering from our dancing antics of last night! We all had such a great time, though, we agreed it was quite worth all the "sore muscles", to quote Nathan. While the girls slept in, Ron and I took a 45-minute walk over to the east side of the Cay, and watched the waves breaking rather fiercely on the beach in the high winds. There would be no diving today, unfortunately, but that is the way it goes with December weather in the northern Bahamas. Although, if you look at the weather map of the US, we're actually in good shape, so no complaining here!

Waves breaking on the east side of Green Turtle Cay

Nathan had to head back to Old Bahama Bay today, so we braved the windy conditions in the tender and ran him over to the Treasure Cay ferry dock where he caught a cab to the airport, and from there, a flight from Treasure Cay to Freeport, Grand Bahama. It was hard to say goodbye as he was a great guest aboard and we enjoyed his company immensely. He will definitely be missed, but hopefully we will see him again in the spring!

On our return to Green Turtle, we stopped at New Plymouth to replenish our fresh vegetable supply at Sid's Grocery; we'd tried to do it yesterday, but the supply boat had engine trouble and didn't arrive, so they had no fresh vegetables to offer at that time. Today however, we'd arrived right after the store was restocked, and got a nice cache of apples, lettuce, broccoli and other assorted veggies. Its stunning to think how the grocery stores in the States are taken for granted, but here in the "out islands", being off the beaten track, many basic foodstuffs need to be imported and aren't always available. And, when they are available, they can be rather expensive as a result! A loaf of whole wheat bread was $5.95, for instance, and the fruit even more precious: four small nectarines were $5.50. Again, one learns to adapt, and to consider what is really a necessity, and what is a luxury aboard! We also found out that you have to plan in advance for "bank day" since New Plymouth's little bank is only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m on Thursdays. Kind of gives a new meaning to the term "bankers' hours"!

Ally and Kayleigh took an afternoon walk to the beach and came back with a small spring of sea pine for a make-shift Christmas tree for Kayleigh, as this is her first Christmas away from home. We only have one ornament, acquired when the owners of one of the other boats in the marina came around today handing out beautiful home-made ornaments: sand dollars with ribbons printed with their names, and their boat name, Solimar. So now we have sort of a Charlie Brown Christmas's small and kinda pathetic, but very meaningful!

Merry Christmas, Kayleigh Brown!

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