Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boat Maintenance in Exotic Locations...

...continue. The 12kw generator is fine; we checked it out thoroughly from raw water intake to impeller (just changed in August, and changed again last night just in case) to coolant to belt tension: it is running normally this morning. It's possible we cleared something away from the intake when we revved the engines last night, (we checked everything!) but it's at normal temps and has been just fine today. Since the weather has been so cool and lovely (no humidity) Ron took a couple hours in the late morning to replace the leaking AC pump. It was fairly straightforward, and strangely enough there were no gremlins or secondary problems with the getting the replacement in place. Ron definitely felt very mechanical for himself when finished-- always a good feeling!

Karyn used the windy day to do a much needed cleaning/vacuuming/dusting of the boat's interior. While the ocean air is a treat, the thin film of slightly salty dust that comes in on the breeze is a pain, and it gets everywhere!! So...swish and swipe, scrub and swab...Equinox is looking lovely once again.

Equinox at anchor in the Treasure Cay basin

The girls had a beach/pool/beach day...after they got up, that is! Before our respective chores, we adults were up early, and took the tender in for a lovely breakfast on the veranda at The Spinnaker Restaurant at Treasure Cay before a good 50-minute walk, out to the far eastern point of Treasure Cay then back along the beach. The winds were rocking, blowing up surf and waves across the shallows of Treasure Cay, but the water was amazing shades of blue, nevertheless! The homes along the waterfront are spectacular, and somewhat reminiscent of Bermuda, since the homes all have names on their entry gates/drives. From "Sun Spot" to "Tranquility" to "Top Of The Rock", each was fitting and well-cared for. Surprisingly enough, there was a fair bit of construction going on; at least three homes were active with workers, roofers and the like. Nice to see in this economy!
Waves licking the white sand at low tide

Other than that....we heard through Brent at the dive shop that our acquaintances Sammy and Barbie were "on island". (We'd met them a couple of times before when we've been here on Treasure Cay; Sammy is an avid fisherman and scuba-diver, and makes a killer smoked fish dip!) They have a place here on Treasure Cay and come over from their Florida house quite a bit, and happened to be here for the holidays with Sam's mom. We kept hailing them on the VHF (the local party line here) until we finally found one another to say hello!

At the moment, (just before 5:00) when one is in the sunshine, it's gloriously warm and lovely, but when in the northerly wind, it's chilly. Going to be a cold night, I think...no need for A/C, just open the hatches and listen to the palm trees rustle. Oh...there's a conch shell wailing, hailing the sunset! Cocktail hour and sundowners to begin!

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