Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing is ever easy!

Ever!! Events today seemed to be a litany of Murphy's Law, as several important things that could go wrong to frustrate us, did!! But the reality is that some things actually went well and according to plan, so we really can't complain. We were up way too early in the dark & crisp winter chill this morning, and drove down to BMC to leave Ally's car in the garage there, as we will no longer be owners of 12 Ashgrown after this week. (Thus, can't keep Ally's car in the garage there any longer!) We'd booked with Freedom Services for a car to take us from the marina to BWI, and as usual, they were there early. SO very reliable, we love using them! Obviously, the flight south was fine, as we arrived safely, so all was good. Or, so we thought.

Ron called to check on the packages that arrived while we were gone, hoping to hear that the towing bridle was in, So, we called the company to find that despite their assurances that it would be shipped last Thursday, it was just being finished and hadn't even left the shop yet!! Argh!! SO...being halfway to Fort Lauderdale already, we just drove down and picked it up ourselves, since we'll need it tomorrow and couldn't wait for it to ship. Then...the biggest disappointment was that the boat wasn't ready as promised!!(Ron had told them in no uncertain terms at the time of purchase that we would be needing to take delivery today, Monday the 14th, and when he spoke with them last Friday, checking on progress, things were supposedly all on schedule with the tow-eye and other custom work we were getting done. Today though, we called to coordinate the delivery and they claimed "miscommunication" regarding the timing of delivery, as the windlass wasn't even installed!! Ron couldn't believe it, since he had made it quite clear as to when we needed the boat. What was most appalling was that there is a near perfect weather window for tomorrow, and we were so thrilled that we might be able to take advantage of it!

Anyway, Ron was most insistent and got the guys scurrying to install the windlass today as promised and finish the job properly. Then -- most unhappily -- they called back to say that the amount of line we'd requested probably wouldn't fit in the anchor locker!! NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! That was a big issue when Ron bought the boat; again, he had specified quite clearly that we would need at least 300' of rode with 25' of chain for anchoring while diving!! They even modified the anchor locker to accommodate it, and now they are claiming that barely 200' will fit, with only 12' of chain?? Murphy was laughing, certainly. Not that TC even has the line and chain, as we will be awaiting its arrival tomorrow morning from FLL while we are sea-trailing the boat. What don't they get??? Ron was amazed at the finger pointing and lame excuses, but what's done is done -- we will see how they resolve things, and whether it will all come together tomorrow. Let's hope so!!

The hardest thing was that this evening Karyn got news of more family health concerns in Wisconsin...not what anyone wanted to hear!! It's very troubling with Equinox about to head off to the out-islands of the Bahamas, knowing how limited things are regarding access to flights back to the States. Thus, worry resides in the back of one's mind and prayers in one's heart that things will improve. We'll just keep in close contact, as best we can, and see how things work out....but will be ready to hop on a plane if need be, too.

So, at this point, we're still hoping to head over to West End to reunite with Equinox once we get the Sea Fox IF the weather window holds and IF the boat checks out well during her sea trial. We are not being naive, as it would be VERY nice to sea trial her and get some time on her engines before taking her into the open ocean, because a new boat always has some glitches and snafus that need resolving. If we do head out after all is said and done, we will be heading out with several folks looking out for us on either end, believe me! EPIRB, anyone? Oh wait, they're both aboard Equinox. Hmmm.....!

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