Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Organization Day...

...of sorts. But at least we weren't driving back and forth repetitively to DMV! Today, the goals were modest, and we really only accomplished some in-house unpacking and organization. Even if it felt like we were swimming in molasses and not making any headway....just a personal observation, as Ron seemed to make more headway than I did. Boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap were everywhere, all day long, along with all the hugely extraneous packaging from the Sony Blue-Ray Surround Sound system that Ron insisted we have in the living room. Oh, and thanks to the guy at the electronics store who suggested we get the 4' HDMI cable that would be just a bit....ok, more than a bit....too short to connect everything without it disconnecting from one end or the other every time we moved the TV an inch. That and the fact that TV manufacturers are making the connections so tight in the back of the TVs (to make the TVs thinner) that the heavy-duty coax cable connection didn't fit without Ron whittling the plastic away from around its metal fitting. The store guy is rising to the highest level of incompetence that management will pay for, clearly. (He's not quite there yet, though, so watch out if you are shopping at his store....)

So...frustration!! Despite being fairly intelligent people here, it took us nearly 3 hours to figure out how to plug in everything (while standing on our heads playing Twister with the damn cords so they didn't pull out of the back of the Sony system or the TV!) before we got it working. In addition, the optical digital audio line insert was defective on the TV and not holding in place. (Guess we should have gotten the early extended pre-paid fabulously economical warranty, eh?) time. A bargain at twice the price!

So, all in all, it was a fun afternoon. Working like dogs only to hear "Economy in crisis! Call Congress!" Ooops, we're able to listen to TV again. Can someone please tell me why we hooked this up?? GET ME BACK ABOARD and away from this silly nonsense. I don't care if Tiger Woods had an affair!

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