Monday, January 11, 2010

Off the boat, onto the bikes...

...for a bit, anyway. Ron and I were going a bit stir-crazy aboard, after the NFL-fest for ourselves yesterday, along with the incessant wind and waves rocking us constantly. As the skies started to clear, we took another hilly bike ride about Dunmore Town before a light lunch up at Sip Sip, a gorgeous bistro overlooking Pink Beach near the Coral Sands Hotel. We arrived as they were's a bright and beautiful place, perfect for sipping their delicious fresh tangerine mimosas while having lunch, beach-gazing!! Their pumpkin soup was warm and wonderful, the Caesar salad freshly made. Yum!! We will definitely be back to sample their conch chili, soon!

Fun colors and festive atmosphere

The view from our table at Sip Sip

Mid-afternoon, we had a visitor, a British gentlemen who had seen Equinox in the marina here, and was most intrigued with the boat. He and his family are visiting Eleuthera for just a couple weeks, and asked if we wouldn't mind showing him the boat, being interested in learning more about trawlers. He was delighted when we agreed. Turns out he and his wife are sailors, and have sailed around England, Europe, the Med and the Adriatic, but are thinking of moving to a trawler in the future. He was most interested in our Kadey-Krogen, and I believe rather impressed with all her space, layout and seaworthiness. I'm not sure he'd been aboard many trawlers before, but we love the Equinox, so certainly don't mind showing her off! He invited us to meet him and his wife tomorrow for cocktails at the Sunset Bar here at Romora Bay, and so we shall!

Our only other concern at the moment -- now that the winds have died off somewhat and we've rearranged the boat lines to our satisfaction, yet again -- is that Ron isn't feeling too well. Whether it's a bout of diverticulitis (sort of possible), a pulled abdominal muscle (rather doubtful) or the beginnings of appendicitis (totally remote and the worst-case scenario), we're not sure, but he's not a happy camper at the moment. He has no fever, and a bit of an appetite at the moment, so let's just hope it's just the last remnants of overindulgence at Gusty's and nothing more, and he'll feel better tomorrow!

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