Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the road to recovery

While the original focus of this blog was supposed to be the boat, for the moment, guess it's gonna be Karyn, her recovery and getting back to cruising aboard the boat as soon as we're healthy. That's the "Royal We" of course; Ron is fine and dandy, although totally ready to chew his arm off, in a desperate attempt to escape from the imposed inactivity and the demands of keeping an eye on Karyn now that she's out of the hospital. For a guy who's used to being outside, active and busy doing stuff either in the water or aboard Equinox, the past two weeks of hospital tedium, imposed quiet and rest (aka lethargy) have taken its toll. I mean, between downloading songs to his computer and iPhone, Ron keeps walking around the Florida condo, rearranging the decor, for pity's sake!! The man needs a break!!

So, thankfully, Karyn's stepmom Sandra will be visiting for the next few days, helping out to ensure Karyn doesn't over-do it. (I admit, it's been hard to take it slow and rest when I get excited by the improvements of feeling energy, strength and lucidity!) But more importantly, Ron will take a few days off, head down to the Keys to visit some cruising friends aboard their boats, get a bit of R&R, enjoy guy time, and get some time off from the pressures of being 'Ron the Voice of Reason': "How are you feeling? Why don't you rest?". Truly, everyone benefits!

At the risk of really being boring, we're including an update for those that are concerned: Karyn is doing better every day, and a full recovery is anticipated. I won't dwell on the graphic or banal (discussions of bodily functions NOT permitted) but things are progressing pretty well. The biggest factor has been getting my stamina back; I'll admit I was truly surprised by the fatigue from simply being upright! (Didn't expect that, always having been fairly strong and healthy for the most part....such things we take for granted!) Every day I'm up a little longer and have been delighted to get outside walking -- talk about decadence!! Sunshine on bare skin with palm trees beside you...Yess!! Plus, the old noggin/head actually has been doing quite well, as I'm trying to be careful and take things slowly for the most part. I try not to exacerbate any headache or neck tension...just not going to rush things, and so I am appreciating the progress as it happens, certainly.

BUT...frankly...I think the rest of my body must have hit the ground just as hard as my head, because I can't believe how stiff and sore my pelvis, upper back or hips are at times!! (What's with that?? UGH!!) Clearly, strong mid-western bones, good genes and dumb luck helped with my being able to absorb the fall, but I am quite ready to stop feeling like a delicate egg shell now! Enough with the silly aches and pains, you know? Again, just a matter of building up stamina, and certainly nothing to complain about, although I just did. (Ouch.) I clearly have a lot of self-improvement to work on, eh? Guess patience will have to become a strong suit, somehow...!

In any event, every day I feel more capable and strong and I'm excited by it. Just keeping in mind: the goal being progress, not perfection!! :)

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