Thursday, January 7, 2010

Passage to Eleuthera!

Ron had been watching the weather last night, and said that he thought Thursday might hold a small weather window for a passage to Eleuthera, if everything held true. AND...he woke me up this morning with the news that Pearl, a boat of one of our Annapolis friends, was already out the southern cut from Little Harbor at 06:30 and "conditions were as good as he's ever seen it" on the Atlantic from the Abacos. So....anchor up, tender in tow, everything stowed, and out we went through the North Bar cut. With another northerly gale on our heels, it was now or ...wait some more.

Pearl was right...conditions were as benign as we could have hoped for, especially since we were towing the tender, Ting'um. I, of course, had my moments of stress about towing the tender, to be honest...not having done it before, and knowing that conditions have to be great to tow it, it was a major concern for me. While the towing bridle is made for tenders pulled behind megayachts at speeds of 20 knots, I was still uneasy. (Why can't I be nonchalant and unabashedly brave??) As it turned out...I needn't have worried, since Ron was accurate in his assessment of the seas and the winds.

Actually, we barely even got spray, and had a momentary dolphin escort again, too. It's so nice to be proven wrong, as I really thought we were pinned in the Abacos for a while there! As is turned out, we pulled alongside Harbour Island, Eleuthera about 3:00 this afternoon. We lined up on the Harbour Mouth cut, then paused long enough to let me jump in the Ting'um so I could then run ahead do reconnaissance for Equinox as to where the shallows were. With the tide, there was plenty of water and we were on anchor south of Valentine's Resort and Marina by 4:30. Extremely fortunate!
Equinox coming in Habour Mouth Cut at Eleuthera

After setting anchor and letting folks know we had arrived safely, (called Ally, texted Jen) Ron and I took the tender over to Valentine's Resort and Marina for dinner and a well-deserved glass of wine. It was a beautiful sunset...we are delighted to be here in such a lovely anchorage.'s warmer here!! Unfortunately, I have the feeling that it's only for the moment, as another cold front is approaching...but as long as the anchor is set well and we're protected from the winds, all is good!!
View of the sunset over dinner

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