Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sorry for the interruption...

...I'd really like to say that in light of the devastating earthquake and resulting tragedy in Haiti, that the blog took a hiatus to reflect and send thoughts to the people there during its sorrow. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. an untimely and unfortunate accident....the reality is that Karyn herself took a hiatus by inadvertently taking a tumble from a moving golf cart and knocking herself unconscious. Through Ron's utterly amazing Rescue-Ranger-coordination of land-, sea-, and air-ambulance, Karyn was evacuated to Doctor's Hospital in Nassau. (Karyn was rather bummed she had NO recollection of that King Air flight, but probably for the best, since the focus was and is on recovery...) The care of all the nurses, doctors and assorted medical staff was incredibly appreciated; everyone was so caring and focused during a very scary time. Currently, Equinox remains safely ensconced at Romora Bay Resort Marina....a fortunate thing that we took the slip for the month, after all!

It's been a long 8-10 days spent in Nassau, as Karyn's been in recovery from the basilar skull fracture, concussion, cerebral contusions and subdural hematoma suffered from the fall. Definitely NOT anything to chuckle about, even remotely, as Ron worked to get Karyn back to the States for continuing care. Ron received amazing help from his former colleagues and friends at The Brain and Spine Institute at LifeBridgeHealth in Baltimore, getting critical information from top neurologists and other specialists. So many folks were wonderfully willing and generous with their time, deciphering the CT and MRI scans and passing on medical information to ensure that travel wasn't a hazard. Ron got Karyn back to Florida on Thursday, and after a reassuringly complete and quality examination at Martin Memorial, she is resting quietly at the Jensen Beach condo.
An image of Karyn's skull from one of the numerous scans...this one shows the
swelling from impact, I think. Glad to see there's evidence that I'm not empty-headed after all.

While Karyn and Ron take a couple weeks in FL to recover, our thanks go out to everyone who gave us prayers and passing thoughts! Truly, there are NO words to express our gratitude to all who helped out, both in the Bahamas and Stateside, during this time. Life is incredibly precious; it only takes one small miscue, misstep, or mistake to reveal how fortunate we all are to have one another. Thank you all, everyone.

And so...the blog will continue, as Karyn's prognosis is good: with rest and recuperation, all systems should be go once again in a few weeks, and we will return to our travels aboard Equinox. But in the meantime: Ron is the hero!! :)

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