Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rainy days...

....somehow always seem to follow the fun! It was a gray and overcast day, with rain in the morning. We relaxed aboard Equinox during the rainy bits, completing a bit of e-mail and correspondence, then took advantage of a lull in the precipitation to get out in Tingum and explore a bit more. We walked about New Plymouth, stopping in at the grocery store for a few items (milk, lettuce, yogurt) and just enjoyed the charm of the town on a quiet day.

After dropping off the groceries at Equinox, we then went over to White Sound. We stopped in at Brendal's Dive Center to say hello to Mary and see if Brendal was around (which he wasn't -- as always, out diving!) before we showed Paul and Muriel the Green Turtle Yacht Club Pub. We found one of our Equinox signed dollars (posted several years ago when we first came to Green Turtle Cay and stayed at the marina) and to our delighted surprise, there was a dollar signed by the Miles Aweigh right beneath it! It cracked us up -- they were here over Memorial Day weekend while we were still doing boat maintenance and repairs back in Florida. 
The Miles Aweigh dollar with the one from Equinox

Paul, Muriel and Ron beneath the burgees and dollars

The evening was easy and relaxing, with everyone enjoying a delicious veggie lasagna dinner prepared by Muriel. We followed dinner with a short jaunt over to New Plymouth to watch the Regatta Time In Abaco festivities. We walked about listening to a junkanoo band playing in the street, and meandered alongside the numerous vendor stands offering all sorts of food and drink. We also ran into Brendal there, which was a fun surprise! We chatted briefly and promised to catch up when he had some free time, then enjoyed more of the street music and party atmosphere before heading back to Equinox. Another day in paradise, even under overcast skies!

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