Saturday, July 3, 2010

Stranded Naked Cheeseburger Beach Party!!

Party evidence!

The Stranded Naked Houseboat amidst the partygoers at Fiddle Cay

Colorful beach signs and more revelers

Just a small part of the crowd

Gotta love it! Ron, Paul, Muriel and I took Tingum over to Fiddle Cay, just north of Green Turtle Cay at noon today, and joined in the multitudes (some 1200+ strong!!) partaking of the free food and drink being presented courtesy of the houseboat Stranded Naked and their party friends from Green Turtle Cay. It's a huge Jimmy Buffett beach party that kicks off Regatta Time In Abaco, and we were fortunate to be here to join in!! As the Stranded Naked website says:

"Abaco Sailors, Regatta Party Friends, Cruisers, Tourist and Locals…Bring your family, dogs (if it's not like a mountain lion), cats, children, girlfriend or ex-wife (if she is not like a mountain lion) and join us for a afternoon of the family fun in the warm Bahamian sun….Everyone is welcome to join the hundreds of party goers at 11:00 a.m., July 2, 2010 Fiddle Cay, Abaco Bahamas. We supply 1200 Cheeseburger, 100 pounds of Fries, 100 gallons of Margaritas, 100 gallons of Boat Drinks, and many giveaways for CHILDREN as well as the adults that act like children. The first 1200 people will enjoy a free Stranded Naked 2010 plastic souvenir drink cup. There is ice water and Kool-Aid for the CHILDREN and plenty of giveaways for their entertainment on the beautiful Fiddle Cay beach. This is a family event for all ages. The party starts at 11:00 a.m. and you will enjoy live Jimmy Buffett music via CD for the entire afternoon. If Jimmy Buffett has sung it, we will have it to play over our sound system for everyone’s enjoyment. Arrive early and bring your favorite chair and umbrella."

And, believe me, the people did exactly that! Folks arrived early, and there were hundreds of boats rafted up around this huge sand bar off Fiddle Cay by the time we arrived at noon. (Clearly, we were late!) People were everywhere: floating, sitting or standing in the water or on the shore, aboard their boats, aboard pool toys and floats, enjoying the camaraderie of fellow parrotheads, old friends, and new friends, all listening to Buffett music under the warm Bahamian skies. It was quite the scene, with kids and adults playing happily! 

A tribute to the man: Jimmy Buffett's current tour title
"Under the Big Top"

Muriel and Ron in line for cheeseburgers

Karen, Ron, Paul, Karyn, Muriel and Kerry on the beach

Ah....the star of the party! :)

All ages playing and having fun!

We soaked up the sun (what there was of it), the rum and the atmosphere for a good part of the afternoon before a siesta back aboard Equinox. We all re-grouped and assembled aboard later for dinner, rounding out our fun day with utterly delicious fresh blackfin tuna courtesy of Ron, Paul and Kerry who had gone out fishing in the early morning aboard Tingum. A fabulous day, from start to finish!!

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