Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quick Trip to Wisconsin!

Well, it's been an eventful week, albeit with unscheduled and unplanned events! Ally and I had a respite from the Florida heat, as we spent most of this past week in Wisconsin. It turns out that the same day that Equinox returned from the Bahamas last week, my dad went into the hospital, so our return was very, very fortuitous. Thus, as the situation dictated, we went to be with the rest of my family while my dad was undergoing some needed surgery to alleviate the debilitating pain and issues due to severe arthritis in his spine. He came through the surgery well, thankfully, and is now in a rehab facility working to regain strength and mobility. Ally and I enjoyed and appreciated the time spent with family, and are very grateful that the prognosis for my dad's recovery is positive.

While we were in Wisconsin, Ron kept himself busy coordinating a couple maintenance and repair visits to Equinox and Tingum, and in between, bicycling over 90 miles. Since Equinox is scheduled to be safely on the hard during the heart of the hurricane season, we're wanting  to use the time to take the the opportunity to travel a bit and do some riding. With that goal in mind, we've been trying to build up some mileage and get in fighting shape, thinking that we might go out to California and do a bit of touring in wine country. With California hills looming and only the Florida flats to train on, I clearly have my work cut out to catch up, especially since Ron's been in "secret training" while I was gone! 

My apologies that there's not much of a boating aspect to the blog lately, with all the family issues going on! We're still working on the winter itinerary for Equinox, though, and will let you know where the compass points when we head out!

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