Saturday, July 24, 2010

TS Bonnie

...slid to the south of us, making landfall about 20 miles south of Miami. While bands of scattered showers came through our area, we didn't have much else affect us. Even in the way of winds, we only had brief gusts of 25-30 knots winds, but otherwise, just blustery 15-20 knots that weren't out of the ordinary. SO...feeling rather grateful that it was so benign here, and hope that it doesn't affect the Gulf situation badly. Thankfully now, the storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression and a gradual weakening of the system is expected. 

And...we're delighted to be back with Ally again, enjoying our time together before she heads off to college in a few weeks. Ron and Ally been bicycling together in the mornings now that she has her new road bike. I'm looking forward to joining them once my new shoe cleats arrive. (My old ones wore out, and keep unlocking and slipping off the pedals....not safe!) We've also kept busy doing the mundane chores of making landfall: emptying Equinox of her extra freezer provisions, consolidating items aboard, sorting and cleaning and doing last-minute boat projects to get her ready for her haul-out soon. We're going to be a bit conservative, and have Equinox stored on the hard for a month or so here during the heart of hurricane season. Ron and I will do some traveling, get Ally settled into college and work on itineraries and ideas on where we want to cruise this winter! 

So we're re-acclimating to being on land again. It's always the little things that strike you; after being on anchor all last month, simply pulling into a marina again felt weird. Odd not to be monitoring battery levels, amp draw, and the like; odd to have phone coverage again.  I'm tuned into the weather while on the boat, from noting wind speed and direction, waves and sea state, to the rhythms of the tides; I feel oddly disconnected without that harmony in the background. Being aboard seems to invite one to take time to appreciate the sun on the water, the sea breezes ruffling the anchorage, and I miss that slower pace to the day. Ah well, we'll be back out on the water soon enough! 

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