Friday, February 12, 2010

Back aboard!

View of the Atlantic approaching Pink Beach after our return

Karyn testing the Atlantic waters on Pink Beach 
at Harbour Island -- it was a tad chilly!

Yes, we are back in the islands, and back aboard Equinox! Despite mixed emotions at parting with Ally, schedules all worked out, as Ally is happily spending time with friends Kim and Al for a bit before heading back to school. We flew out on Thursday afternoon -- Ally dropped us off at the airport, spent some time at the beach, then returned to the airport to pick up Kim and Al, so it all worked out quite well, serendipitously! Our flight was uneventful and short, with nary a hitch. We took a ferry back to Harbour Island from North Eleuthera Airport and within a half hour, were reunited with Equinox once again! Everyone at Romora Bay was so sweet, happy to see us back, pleased and relieved that I'm doing so well. It's a bit embarrassing to have to rehash the story yet again, but...hey! Life is about all the stories you can tell, right?? After a sunshine-filled walk to the beach and back, Karyn enjoyed a much-needed nap (an essential thing during her recovery) aboard the boat. In the evening, we were delighted to see CJ again, one of the great bartenders at Sunset Bar and Grille here at Romora Bay, where we had a light dinner while listening to the Brilanders play. It's truly lovely -- and so appreciated -- to be back! 

Friday was bright and sunny, with light winds out of the south -- fabulous! We were actually quite busy today, as first on the agenda was a bicycle ride to the Piggly Wiggly for fresh vegetables, dairy items and bread. (And yes, I wore my helmet -- one cracked skull is enough for a lifetime!) We returned to the boat to stow and stock the refrigerator before taking Tingum, our dive tender, out for a spin to check things out and get the engines running. Batteries were, um, a tad recalcitrant as the battery switch was left on, unfortunately, but a portable power shot fired them up and the batteries then recharged as we cruised out to the Devil's Backbone and back. It was choppier than we expected, but we were just out to see how my head fared underway and how my sea legs were. So far, so good, although we were careful not to go pounding through any rough waves.

Ron rinsing down Tingum after our cruise 

Once back on land, with the tender cleaned, we took yet another bike ride back into Dunmore Town for a late lunch. We meandered a bit, not pushing things, and found our way to the Rock House for lunch. If you are not aware of the Rock House, it's a high-end luxury resort with gorgeous views of the town harbor to the west and a lovely al fresco dining area, alongside a gorgeous courtyard pool with private cabanas to the east. We'd heard it was the place to go amongst the rich and famous, (clearly, we don't fit either category) so of course, when we walked in, there was no one there. Yet, it was such a beautiful day, it was irresistible. We sat poolside and had a great lunch! 


View of the pool  and cabanas from the alfresco dining area

To the west, the harbor, as seen from the dining room

The late afternoon was, as usual, nap time for Karyn, before a quiet evening aboard. It felt great to simply just be here, and appreciate the sunshine as the sun set over the mainland of Eleuthera to the west.
Welcome back aboard, indeed!

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