Monday, February 15, 2010

Good weather with scuba dives...

...for Ron, that is!! But yes, it was finally sunny and calm today, hooray! Ron went out diving with Valentine's Dive Center this morning as planned, biking over to the dive shop with all his gear. I know he was really looking forward to it, and upon his return, said it was great to dive again. It's been a while on the dive front, since the weather has not exactly been conducive, with it being so windy and rough! As it turned out, Ron and his dive buddy had the boat to themselves, so it was like a private charter, and the dives were worth it. The reefs here are healthy and vibrant, so Ron enjoyed himself immensely. The highlight of the day? Seeing a huge manta ray, just outside the south cut, gracefully swimming along.

Naturally, Ron was destined to see something fabulous, as I'm still on "no-dive status" after my skull fracture. ARGH! But...I'm focusing on the advantages to patience, namely, the goal that I will dive again, some day! So, I enjoyed my bit of solitude during the morning, sitting on the back deck in the sunshine, catching up on some correspondence and necessary phone calls, finalizing Ally's spring break travel plans, doing laundry and tidying up the boat a bit. Nothing earth-shattering, and rather relaxing, actually! 

After Ron returned, the rest of the day was low-key. He rinsed his scuba gear and we relaxed on the boat, watching other boats come and go, generally just enjoying everything, and nothing, in particular. We ate aboard this evening, just a modest dinner and tucked in on the couch afterwards, watching more of the Winter Olympics. I'm kind of embarrassed, but I find it difficult not to shudder at the speeds the downhill skiers are going -- being somewhat fresh from my accident, I can barely watch! With age comes wisdom...perhaps? Kind of hard to believe we used to skydive, now isn't it?? :) Just enjoy the moment, where ever you are! 

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