Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to the Islands!

Well, Karyn received good news in her follow-up appointment with the neurologist this past week!! Her recovery is progressing well and she's feeling better every day, although naps are still vital to her energy levels. Nevertheless, hearing it from the doctor was reassuring, and he spent a good bit of time going over the most recent CT scan. He pointed out areas where the scan showed significant healing of the skull fracture, and how things are healing nicely. While Karyn still has to take it easy for the next month or so, she can now begin resuming normal activities within reason, and, best of all, she was cleared for travel back to Equinox

The last few days were spent trying to get Ally back to Maryland in time for school and Model UN. Unfortunately, with yet another huge record snowstorm hitting the Mid-Atlantic region, BWI, Dulles and Reagan airports closed. Rebooking a flight was a moving target, as the few available flights back to Baltimore we'd rebooked kept getting cancelled. Trying to get through to the airlines each time to rebook was no easy task but we persevered, tediously waiting on hold (along with all the other travelers who were snow-bound) until we managed to get through and secure a flight for Ally, for Sunday. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best we could do with the limited number of flights available....there's just no arguing with Mother Nature!! The airlines did the best they could, considering the weather conditions, and the region is still digging out from under the immense piles of snow received.

As for us...we had to rearrange some flights for ourselves, having made our unscheduled return to the States earlier in the month. We'd tentatively booked a fight back to Eleuthera for Thursday, thinking that Ally would be back to school by then, although we were waiting on the doctor for the final word on travel. Then, with the snowy northern weather, things were ... flexible, shall we say? After a lot of discussion, it was decided that Ally would stay and visit with friends until her Sunday flight, and we would fly out as scheduled. Yep...going back to the islands!!

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