Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays...

...are one and the same today. Oh well...guess we're paying the price for our past two days of gloriously few clouds and calm winds. Still...we're ready for a steady dose of sunshine, not the meager rationing of warmth that we've been getting lately. Nevertheless, gray is quite okay... after all, we're in port, we're safe, and the rain will pass! Sunshine and warm weather will be coming, just like spring! 

Today we hunkered down, listened to the rain on the flybridge and upper deck, and accomplished a lot of things both small and large, from major laundry loads to phone calls to thank-you notes to odds-and-ends of correspondence to my testing new bread recipes to Ron's Gourmet Grouper dinner. While taken at face value, each task didn't seem all that satisfying or important, but in sum, it felt great to get so much accomplished!! 

The base veggies for the roasted grouper with asparagus as a bonus

We spent some time today working on coordinating Ally's and our spring schedules (her graduation is coming in June!), discussing possible cruising itineraries, researching airline routes and prices, refining the list of needed and desired boat upgrades and repairs, and trying to tie up assorted loose ends. Exhausting in its minutia! As a reward for all our hard work? Ron's delicious preparation of fresh Bahamian grouper and vegetables! 

Fresh Bahamian grouper buried under caramelized onions in a red wine reduction sauce,
four-cheese mac and cheese, and roasted asparagus! A rainy day feast, and superb!

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