Sunday, February 21, 2010

More dives, more lobster!

It was another gorgeous day today, with a tad more wind than yesterday, but far more blue skies than clouds, so we were delighted. Ron went out diving again this morning with Valentine's, and I stayed aboard Equinox, getting some cleaning and laundry done while we had a great local guy cleaning the bottom of the hull. The fellow was very thorough; the hull was pretty nasty, as we've never stayed in port for this long before! The guy was down a good 3 hours -- with the water darn cold now after the past month of this chilly weather! (When I'm diving, I'm only good for about an hour before I get too cold to enjoy it any really don't know how this guy did it!) In any event, after my small tasks aboard, I treated myself a bit, and went up to Romora Bay's gorgeous pool and read in the sunshine. They have all these comfy lounge chairs along the pool, with a fabulous view of the harbor, so I couldn't resist! It was hard to bypass the shaded cabanas, but....I wanted the sun! I usually don't sit out in the sun, as we get more than enough reflected sunshine being aboard and on the water, but I was feeling a bit decadent today and enjoyed it.

Ron was excited about his dives; even more so since he'd spotted a big lobster while on the second dive. After seeing the huge lobsters the local fishermen brought in yesterday, that whet his appetite to haul in one himself, as it's been a while since we've been successful lobstering. But every dive is enjoyable, and he always sees more of the reef every time he's in the water, since he's so comfortable in the water and thus conservative with his air supply. 

After the dive boat returned, the two of us took a quick bike ride to the nearest open convenient store to get some onions and a few perishables to bolster our veggie supply. While we were there, posted on a refrigerator on the store's front porch was a sign advertising "Fresh Coconut Water & Love Wine". Now, coconut water is used in a traditional Bahamian drink made with gin called "Gully Wash", which we've heard of...but I have to admit, we were mystified by "Love Wine". We had no idea what Love Wine was or of course, we had to ask! Apparently it's quite the beverage, as it "energizes" you and "fortifies the blood" -- clearly, we have to try some! While the store was out of it at the moment, the gentleman told us that more would be available on Tuesday. Hmmmmm...can't wait!

After we returned to the boat and stowed away our few items (onions, limes, other veggies), we packed a picnic lunch and headed out aboard Tingum. We indulged in a sunny, leisurely lunch while drifting about in Bottom Harbor, before going out to the reefs. It was a tad rough going out the southern cut, but we made our way out and south to the dive site and to the mooring buoy. While I made sure our line looped through to the mooring was secure, getting tugged as it was in the swells, Ron swam down to check out the site and see if Mr. Lobster was still here. And, yes, he was! Ron was shot with the pole spear, and dinner was ours!! 

Our view of Bottom Harbor during our picnic lunch 

The size of the lobster tails compared to Ron's arm....
the Briland lobster are HUGE!

After a fun day of diving, boating and lobstering, we returned to Equinox for an early dinner. Being Sunday, The Brilanders, a fabulous local band, were playing at Romora Bay's Sunsets Bar and Grille from 6-8 p.m. so we wanted to be there! It's a great sunset scene, perfect for enjoying a cocktail and indulging in some dancing! For us, we enjoy the additional treat of chatting with CJ, Paige and the other staff, who are always so cheerful while smoothly handling all the folks at the bar and at the tables. Things are picking up here on Briland and it's fun to see that the busy spring season is starting! 

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