Monday, February 1, 2010

Ups and Downs, Flowers and Well-wishes

Well, clearly recuperation is never a straight path, is it? Karyn is doing well for the most part, but there are good days and bad days, as with everything. She had a great visit with Sandra, Ron enjoyed a short break down in the Keys, but here we are, back to the reality and tedium of Karyn needing a LOT of rest in between her moments of feeling fairly strong. She's had very limited time on the computer or phone (doctor's orders) but hopes to get back on-line more consistently soon. On the downside, there are still a couple hurdles to overcome, but hopefully time will assist with doing so, and thus, we're proceeding with optimism. 

Just a few of the flowers that have arrived...
amazingly beautiful, all!

On the upside, the huge outpouring of support and concern since Karyn's accident has been just incredible. So many, many folks have phoned, sent get-well wishes, have e-mailed, and/or sent flowers or little gifts, that it's truly humbling. We've heard from people from all walks of life, from all over the country: family, friends, neighbors, the dear folks at Kadey-Krogen, and so many, many others in the boating community, from boatyard owners to fellow cruisers. Every single message and phone call has been deeply appreciated -- we can't express our thanks enough, or express how much they've meant to us!! While most folks understood the severity of her accident right away, we both realize now how very lucky Karyn is to have come away so lightly from such an was said before, it definitely wasn't a laughing matter! Being optimists though, humor now has a place, taken along with a huge dose of gratitude! Gotta laugh, gonna heal!! Again, thanks to you all!!

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