Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quiet days....

...with the high winds, occasional rain squalls and cool weather, we haven't been doing very exciting things the past couple of days. Yesterday was an inside day while waiting for the rain to stop and the skies to clear, so accomplished mundane but necessary evils like bills, budgeting, and correspondence. We did get out for a sedate bike ride around town in the late afternoon, with a stop at some place new: the Blue Bar at Pink Sands Resort. We've been trying to find all the different little lunch and restaurant spots around the island, just to enjoy the views and sample their cuisine. It's been fun! Tuesday afternoon was just a quick stop for a beverage while enjoying the amazing water views of Pink Beach, before we returned to the boat for a mellow evening of yet more Winter Olympics. I didn't nap today (a first!) so I faded out a bit by late in the evening. 

View from our table on the Blue Bar deck

Wednesday was far more vigorous; Ron was up and out biking early, a good 40-minute jaunt as he wanted to get in a bit more exercise. On his return, he mentioned that the big commercial ferry had arrived in port, so suggested we head back to town to the market before lunch to re-stock our supply of fresh veggies. In the islands, it's pretty much "first-come, first-serve" as to what is available in the market, so it's always best to get there earlier than later on the days the supply ship comes in! Other times it can be pretty slim pickings as to what veggies are available -- not to mention the shabby shape they're in, if they are the last few things available. 

So, after I had coffee and breakfast, we biked to the Pigly Wigly where we lucked out, as the new shipment of produce was still being put out on the shelves. We found fresh broccoli, potatoes, cucumber, asparagus (decidely a luxury item here, ouch - $$!), red & green peppers, spinach, and canteloupe, plus we picked up some salt, cheddar cheese, taco shells, bottled water as well as several other items. While that doesn't sound like a lot, keep in mind we weren't just loading it into a car -- we had to bike back with it all! This time Ron handled it solo, with everything in his backpack, and we returned to the boat where I quickly stowed it away in the frig and pantry. 

Ron with our basket of goods at the Pigly Wigly

Despite the cool winds, by late morning it was only partly cloudy and more sunny again, so we biked up to the beach access trail at the top of Alice Street, then hiked down and walked along Pink Beach for a good hour. With the prevailing winds out of the northwest, Pink Beach was in the lee and quite glorious in the sunshine! We walked quite a ways north, then doubled back and stopped for lunch (Lobster Quesadillas and a Cobb Salad Spinach Wrap) at Blue Bar, since we hadn't eaten there the other day. Between the view and the food, it was delectable! We finished our walk back down the beach, back to the bikes, and back to the boat, again enjoying the sunshine. 

At the beach access trail atop Alice Street, about to start our walk

A gorgeous expanse of beach, on our way north

Stairs from Blue Bar leading to the beach

Karyn checking out the ocean

Heading back up the hill to Alice Street

In the afternoon, boat domestic duties prevailed: Karyn baked some rye bread, and Ron worked on some cruise planning for the next week. We're hoping to get out of the marina for a few days, and poke about the northern island of Eleuthera for a bit before returning here to Romora Bay when Ally and her friend Rachel will be joining us here on Harbour Island for spring break. In the meantime, if the winds settle down, perhaps tomorrow we'll get out in the tender and Ron can scope out some more dive sites. There's always an adventure on the horizon! 

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