Saturday, February 13, 2010

High Winds, Yet Again...

I don’t know what is happening with the weather this year!! It certainly has been quite a winter: from the incredible amounts of snow in the northeast, record low and freezing temperatures in the south, to the lack of snow in Vancouver during the current Winter Olympics, it’s been crazy. And, true to form, the cold fronts and accompanying winds have cranked back up in the Bahamas now that we’re back aboard the boat. ("Why is that, Captain Ron...?") I’d like to think that the two are not related, but it sure is starting to feel like that where ever we are, the bad weather follows!! But, considering how most folks on the east coast must feel about the snow and freezing temperatures, I know I shouldn't complain!! What's a bit of wind, after all??

However, last night we endured another nasty blow as a storm front moved through with gale force winds of 35-40 knots sustained, that blasted us from the south, west and then the northwest. We initially were somewhat sheltered in our slip, being on the north side of the marina office as we are, so the howling winds out of the south weren't slamming us too badly. But, once the winds clocked to the west, we were getting hit square on the beam with 3’ waves, so we were rocking and rolling most of the night. Not exactly a comfortable night for me, with the pitching and rolling, but then again, Mother Nature was not to be ignored! 

It was mid-day Saturday before we got off the boat (being blown away from our finger pier as we were) but as the sun poked holes in the clouds, we decided to take a bike ride into town. We found ourselves enjoying a bit of lunch down town along the shoreline, on the sunny front porch of the Harbor Lounge. The fish in the islands is so fresh, whether its grouper, snapper, hogfish or something else, it's hard to resist, as all is delicious whether found in fish tacos or fish sandwiches.  
Ron walking up the stairs to the Harbour Lounge Porch

Ron and I enjoyed a pair of grilled grouper sandwiches while watching all the portside activity. It seemed to us that many more tourists are in town, as folks were out and about this holiday weekend with Valentine’s Day tomorrow and President’s Day Monday. In fact, I was amazed at the traffic, and couldn’t believe the number of scooters and golf carts zipping about. (And, I admit cringing, watching all the little kids perched in the back seats of so many of the carts flying along the streets at fairly high speeds....all accidents waiting to happen, in my humble perspective!!) But, there was a lovely hum to the air with all the activity and we enjoyed it. 

We stopped by Valentine's Dive shop, where we were greeted by Shawn, one of their dive-masters. He had heard we were back on-island, and was happy to see both of us doing well. Ron arranged to go out diving with them in the coming days, weather permitting, which Ron is greatly desiring. Then, after biking back to the boat, it was a leisurely late afternoon of baking bread, napping, and watching some of the skiing and skating events in the Winter Olympics. Dinner was  courtesy of chef Ron, who's really been enjoying cooking quite a bit lately. Thus, I was the lucky recipient of a gourmet dinner of steamed asparagus, cous-cous and a perfectly done filet mignon with a red wine reduction sauce that was out of this world! Hmmmm.....come to think of it, perhaps windy days aren't so bad, after all!

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