Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swimming pigs!

The one drawback to being in remote areas is being without easy internet access. In general, access is so prevalent in the States that it’s taken for granted any more. Here, in order to get reasonable internet access, we need to take the laptops up to Staniel Cay Yacht Club to receive a decent wifi signal, and then buy airtime. We bought access online for $10/a day, (with a limit of 200 MB) so we used that to make some phone calls and download mail. I updated the blogs briefly  then sent out a bit of correspondence before we called Ally on Skype. 

Some of the colorful burgees in the SCYC was a quiet day. Since it was too windy to dive, we explored a bit in the tender, and then hung out on the boat on anchor, completing small jobs. Nothing fancy, nothing extreme, actually rather mundane with the beautiful paradise right outside! After chores, Ron napped, and Greg and Karuna came over to fill their water jerry cans. (Water here is .50 cents a gallon...use it sparingly!) We were happy to fill their containers, since the water-maker is once again working!
We used Eclipse to check out the beaches on Big Major’s Spot, near our anchorage. There are swimming pigs there, (believe it or not!) which will swim out to greet your dinghy in hopes of finding food. They apparently were brought to the island years ago by some Staniel Cay residents, and folks often bring leftover scraps to feed them. There were a few piglets along with their mother when we arrived, dining on some Easter feast leftovers.

One of the swimming pigs

Trio of piglets...didn't see these guys swim yet!
We returned to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club around 5:30 to check out the happy hour and evening activities...but no happy hour today. So we just hung out with Greg and Karuna, chatted and checked out the decor with its photos and nautical memorabilia. It’s a lovely place here, physically beautiful, and we're planning on doing more exploration of the island tomorrow to see more. Cruising is always an adventure! 

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