Thursday, April 15, 2010

Propane Day...and Bee Gees Concert!

Ok, here's the deal. When you are down in the islands, one must realize that there isn't ready, immediate access to the basics (food, fuel or what have you) as so many of us are accustomed. While the basics are always's just not every day, nor at your whim, when you need it. You plan, and make sure you are in line when the goods are available. Take for instance...Propane. On a boat, it's the galley elixir of life and when you run out, it's not a pretty sight! Here in the southern Exumas, at George Town, it's not taken for granted, as propane is only available on Wednesdays when the big tanker truck pulls up in front of Eddie's Edgewater and the cruisers flock for a fill!

The Propane tanker truck has arrived!

Ron, awaiting the fill for Equinox's spare propane tank

With the winds being what they were, it was an ugly, wet ride to town. In the bright sunshine, folks were covering themselves with foul weather gear, and placing computers and other gear in trash bags to simply keep them dry on the way over from Stocking Island. We gave Diana and Steve off Water Lily  a ride to town, so while we waited on the propane truck, they went to the Peace and Plenty Hotel and got on their internet for mail. (Not to mention a drink at the bar and a Family Islands Regatta t-shirt as well!)

Once finished with the propane chore, we walked along the harbor front (checking out the fish shacks yet again) before we headed back to the dinghy dock. We all stopped off at Tranee's Beauty and Barber Unisex Salon.... and... bought conch! Who would have thought? It's definitely not advertised on their window, nor about town, but if you want a bag of conch fresh out of the shell (although you get to tenderize it!) it's only $20 for 10 conch! Just stop in and you will be rewarded! Steve and Diana got a larger $25 bag, but I just had to giggle. Hairdo and fresh conch all in one stop!

It's not just a Hair Cuttery, believe me!

The afternoon brought a sundowner special at the Sand Bar on Hamburger Beach ($3 rum drinks!) and we found ourselves hanging with Heather and Sam off Cloud Nine along with Steve and Diana and Greg and Karuna. Of course, it's a small cruising world, as we'd met Sam while waiting for the propane truck earlier in the morning. But, after a fun happy hour ashore, we flung out an invitation for dinner aboard Equinox, and threw an impromptu dinner together for the eight of us, with everyone contributing. From tahini appetitzer to the salad and Shrimp marinara, we had a great time. After a long dinner and lots of conversation, (when when we weren't rescuing the errant dinghy trying to escape) it was only natural that we expose Stocking Island to ... a Bee Gees Concert!! Dancing on the aft cockpit, at full volume: One Night Only! :)  A fabulous night!! 

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