Saturday, April 24, 2010

Staniel Cay, once again!

Ron was up early and took Tingum over to Staniel Cay to try to get info on some of the dive sites in the area from the nice folks at Staniel Cay Divers', and to possibly arrange an afernoon dive aboard their boat. I opted to stay aboard, getting a few needed chores done. I cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, did laundry and generally tried to beat back the sticky salt air that dusts everything when you have any window open. I never knew how dusty ocean air is!
Equinox on anchor off Bitter Guana Cay
Ron had no luck in his endeavors, as the dive shop had a private charter and was out for the morning. We went up to the dive shop after noon, to see about diving later, but conditions were sloppy with the winds, and marginal for easy diving. We opted to wait, since stronger winds were supposed to kick up on Sunday and perhaps abate on Monday. Not exactly what Ron wanted to hear, but the weather hasn't been exactly cooperative this winter, and it seems to be continuing its trend! So, we had a late lunch at the SYCY, then headed back to Bitter Guana. We invited Cloud Nine over to the SYCY for a sundowner at their funky bar, admiring the resident nurse sharks under the boats as we walked up the pier. Once there, we indulged in gazing at the photos and boating memorabilia on the walls, while we chatted over our drinks. 
Just a few of the resident nurse sharks at Staniel Cay
We didn't linger long at the Yacht Club, but returned to Cloud Nine for a delicious spread of mezze/tapas to watch the sunset and wind up the night, where a bit of wine added to the ambience of a lovely night in our quiet anchorage. So many of the anchorages in the Exumas are stunning, and tonight we had the cove to ourselves. We felt lucky to be the only boats there!

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