Monday, April 12, 2010

Rake 'n' Scrape at Eddies!

Equinox on anchor near Stocking Island, with 
Tingum on the hip

A quiet day for us aboard; windy yet again so still no diving on the outer reefs. But, because of that, we actually got a lot of necessary evils accomplished regarding paperwork, e-mail correspondence, bills and phone calls. After that was done, I baked a couple loaves of bread, one wheat, one rye (which we gave to Karuna) while Ron made a foray into George Town in Eclipse to see if he couldn’t find a dry cleaners -- which he couldn’t. (I thought it was kind of optimistic of him to even think there would be one here, considering how difficult it is to find much more basic items and services!) There are a couple of places that do laundry, though. 
We had an early dinner aboard Equinox, with Steve and Diana off WaterLily  who arrived in George Town over the weekend. We’d met Steve and his sons last December while moored off Treasure Cay, Abacos when we had Ally and Kayleigh aboard during winter break. We asked them to join us when we discovered that we all had the same thing on the menu: lobster! We’d pulled a couple tails out of the freezer (since lobster season is over until August) and had dinner already prepped when they hailed us to invite us over to their boat. SO...we combined forces and had a great meal together. Ron had baked our lobsters in the shells while Diana had pan-fried theirs in a curry panko crust, served with a spiced up orange marmalade. Both preparations were delicious!! Steve hasn’t had much lobster before, so he’s on a mission to find all the ways they can be prepared!
After dinner, we all climbed into Eclipse and headed over to George Town in search of Eddie’s Edgewater for some local rake 'n' scrape music. The band was really good, with quite a colorful set up of drums as well as a wash-tub bass! (I was kicking myself as I didn’t bring my camera this time!) The place was jumping, just getting in full swing when we arrived, and before I even crossed the room, I was swept off to dance by a Bahamian gentleman who was celebrating his birthday. The night proceeded in like fashion, as we all danced the next few hours away, pausing from time to time only to cool off and get some fresh air out on the front porch. As always, another fun night in the islands!

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