Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another busy day in paradise!

Winds are picking up again (hmmm....getting tired of that refrain? So are we!) with the forecast for gale conditions to be in effect by evening. Before that happened though, Ron and I spent the morning adjusting the lines on the tender, adding an extra portside springline to secure the boat against the incoming winds, and securing any loose items aboard. We tied down a thin plastic cover over the electronics just for extra protection from any driving rains, but we'll see how well it fares....we fully expect it to be shredded if the wind really blasts us, but it was worth a try anyway!

We bicycled through town again, stopping at the convenience store to see if the promised "Love Wine" was in, but were told once again, next week. They do have fresh coconut water, so if we wanted to make Gully Washes -- coconut water and gin --  we could....but we passed, wanting to try the infamous wine. The store vendor wanted to know how many bottles we wanted (clearly a good salesman!) but Ron hedged a bit, saying we'd try it first, and if we liked it, we'd maybe get a second bottle!! 

After that stop, we did our usual island bicycle loop, down Bay Street along the waterfront and up the "BIG" hill along the north end of the island before meandering to various stores in search of various items: the Pigly Wigly, Johnson's Grocery Store, Casey Snacks, Bristol Liquors, John Bull...we weren't really successful, either. As is common on most out-islands, it's hit-or-miss on what is in stock, or "coming in on Thursday"! Of course, most of our sought-after items are coming in on Thursday. 

The other stop we made was at the hardware store, where Ron picked up the receipt for the two green hoses from the other day....Now, are you sitting down?? The total was $110!! Ron almost fell over...it's understandable how many things are more expensive in the islands due to having been imported, but for two crappy hoses?? Ouch!! I wonder if we didn't get charged for the first hose (defective) that Ron returned...but even then...far more money than we ever anticipated! 

The afternoon was spent doing assorted and sundry boat chores, from Karyn double-checking the lines on Equinox, planning dinner menus, and baking bread (rye bread this time), while Ron went back to the liquor store with our friend Greg, who has a lovely vendor discount, to get us re-stocked on wine. We have our friends from Bermuda, Warren and Christine and their daughters, coming on-island in a couple of weeks, so we definitely will need the wine when they are here!! It's actually serendipity that we're getting together here, as they made their reservations at one of the resorts facing Pink Beach before they even knew we were here! We're delighted that our time tables coincide, nevertheless!! We're delighted to be able to be with them again, especially as the girls will be here!

Another loaf of rye bread cooled and ready for slicing

And, speaking of friends, we are happy to report that the Miles Aweigh made it safely to Marsh Harbor the other night, ahead of the last gale. They are ensconced in port now, awaiting their younger daughter and her friends arrival for a family spring break. It would have been a blast to be in the same port as the Miles Aweigh, but schedules and -- ahem -- injuries prevented that from happening this time. There's always another time, of course. In the meantime, we're just enjoying a quiet night post-dinner, listening to the soft whistle of the wind in the sailboat rigging over in the next slip. Winds are only posting about 15 knots right now, and almost feel somewhat gentle, actually. But the higher winds will be here by morning!!

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