Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sad news and good-byes

Well, Equinox crew said a lot of good byes today. Karyn received the sad news that her Uncle Jim had passed away last night. "Papa Jim" was an amazing man, a devoted husband, and dear patriarch to three generations. His passing underscores how difficult it is being apart from family at times like this, and when cruising in far-away places, the loss is felt deeply indeed. He will be greatly missed.

We also said good-bye to Rachel this morning, and good-bye to Dick in the afternoon; both had to return stateside, so off on the water taxis they went, heading to North Eleuthera airport for their respective flights. It was definitely a bit of a challenging travel day, for while it was sunny, it was also quite blustery (to put it politely) all day, with white caps coming across the sound from the west. (Oh yes, once again, we have the winds!) On a positive note though, we missed all the rain that pounded Florida, as the huge weather system moved up the east coast, and remained north of Eleuthera and Harbour Island.

Before Dick had to leave in the afternoon, we took him on a tour around Harbour Island in the daylight. One must: putting in an order for conch salad at Queen Conch! We then headed over to the lee side of the island, cruising over to the Blue Bar, where we each had a cold drink and took in the absolutely gorgeous views of the turquoise Atlantic meeting the pink sands of the beach while discussing everything from boat projects to the relentless effects of the El Nino weather pattern of late. We returned to Bay Street, where we picnicked on the waterfront, enjoying our conch salad along with some fabulous grouper fingers courtesy of HarryO's. From there, it was back to the boat, where we hailed a water taxi for Dick's departure.  

The remainder of the afternoon was a quiet one; Karyn made family phone calls, Ally napped, and Ron did some of the usual boat maintenance projects, from changing out the filters for the Seagull water filtration system to replacing the vent filter in the holding tank. Nothing exciting, but all a part of life aboard.

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