Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays...

...repeat themselves, apparently! Ally headed back to Baltimore (reluctantly) on Sunday as spring break is now over, and immediately afterwards, the weather has deteriorated. At least a nice day wasn't wasted on us Sunday, as it was also a bit of a recovery day after Ally's send-off Saturday night! We did the usual island party route: Valentine's, then Gusty's, and even a quick stop at Daddy D's before finally getting back to the boat way, way too late. A drink or two, a bit of dancing, lots of conversation: it made for a very fun evening! When  Ron says, "Gusty's is dangerous!", I'm not so convinced, as it's a great time at Gusty's! I think it's the last stop at Daddy D's that seals the deal!

It's always hard to say good-bye to Ally, but we'll be seeing her just next week when we'll be in Maryland for her Senior Presentation at school. After we got her to the ferry dock to get a taxi to the airport, the skies were just overcast and gray. By the time we tried to get out for a dive mid-day Sunday, the winds had picked up and seas were not cooperative, being a tad too rough and choppy for comfort, so we returned to Equinox. There, we did small boat projects and a lot of laundry and cleaning, before rewarding ourselves with a visit to Sunsets to hear The Brilanders play for a bit. We had a quiet night aboard; just didn't have it in us to hit Valentine's to hear The Afro Band, but we could still enjoy their music as it came across the harbor nicely!

Today the weather continued its downward trend, as there was a fair bit of rain as another front moved through, but we were much more productive. Since we keep getting the alarm on the water-maker display, Ron changed out the pre-filters (again!) and tweaked the input pressure yet one more time on the water-maker after a few phone conversations with Dick Murray. For now, we seem to have resolved the issue! Although the number of gallons per hour is lower than it should be and the salinity a tiny bit higher (both due to the lower input pressure) at least it now runs without tripping the sensor that puts the unit into fresh water flush mode/auto store. It will certainly be addressed when we're stateside again, but for the moment, we're making fresh water!

While Ron was busy with the filter change, I finished doing a LOT of intensive cleaning of the heads, cabins and saloon. I also baked a loaf of rye bread, as our friends off Karuna brought me some rye flour upon their return from Nassau, where they picked up a visiting friend. I was delighted with the rye flour since we were out of it aboard, and all I can find on-island is white all-purpose flour. (These are the times, I admit, when I miss the plethora of items found in U.S. grocery stores. Dreams of Wegman's dance in my head!) But, part of the charm of cruising is making do and trying out the local produce, even if the choices are rather limited! 

So... boat cleaning and organization completed for the day, we're gearing up for an impromptu group dinner aboard Equinox with the Karuna crew. Winds are now clocking around to the northwest (of course) so we're not done with the ugly weather yet, unfortunately. Ron's busy helping add a few fenders to Karuna since they're tied up on the outer pier here and are getting pounded by the wind and waves coming across the harbor. I'm off to prep for dinner...let's hope it's a quieter evening than it is currently!

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