Friday, March 12, 2010

Chillin' In Harbour Island

Doing as instructed!

Even better than new friends, is meeting up again with old friends!! We were eagerly awaiting our Bermudian friends today, who were coming on-island today for a long weekend! It was total chance -- or destiny! -- that they happened to book their trip to  Harbour Island's Dunmore Beach Club when they did, but happily, through e-mail conversations we discovered that our visits would coincide, and that they were coming while we were here.  SO fun!!

Before they arrived though, the four of us went to town, as Ron wanted to get a haircut at "Freddy Da Barber's". While he did that, we girls scouted through town, gathering items for a Welcome/Happy Birthday basket of fruit and champagne to take over to the Dunmore Beach Club, where our friends were staying. We found a pretty woven basket at Neeka's little hand-work booth, where the girls posed in some amazing Bahamian sombreros, before venturing down the road to pick out the fruit. It was a fun morning of shopping and browsing!

Neeka's, where we found a great woven basket

 Looking sharp!

Looking interested!

Lunch was outside on the deck at the little deli near Bristols, where we enjoyed some fabulous sandwiches and wraps. We also had the  company of one of the Briland birds, which was clearly hoping for a hand-out. (Yes, soooo many roosters, so few recipes!) Ally didn't care for the bird to be so interested in our lunches, but at least this one wasn't crowing at the top of its lungs either! 

From there, we stopped at the "C & A Conveince Food Store" where -- at last -- we got a bottle of the much-touted "Love Wine"! Every day Ron would pop his head in the store, and every day the proprietress would shake her head no, the wine wasn't available yet. But today -- success! Her brother had made us a special bottle of the potion, which looks suspiciously like thin milk with spices mixed in. We have no idea what it's actually made of, although guess we probably should have asked!! (We know what its supposed to be good for, though!) We haven't tried it yet, but when we do, we'll let you know how it, um, tastes!! 

Ron and the special bottle of "love wine"

The evening was spent happily reunited with our friends Christine and Warren, and their daughter Alexis. We'd spent several weeks this past summer on anchor in Bermuda near their home, thoroughly enjoying our time with them there, so it was a delight to be together again. After arrival, they came to Romora Bay in the late afternoon/evening, where we danced a bit at Sunsets (to the Brilanders, of course!). We then made our way to the east  side of the island where we savored a private dinner together at the Dunmore Beach Club, where the conversation and wine flowed. Enjoy and appreciate the moment: good friends and good times on island!

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